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The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but that we aim too low and we reach it. - Michelangelo

Concept Development 1 Focus on high-value technical concepts - our team of experts uses state-of-the-art modeling tools to assess prospective solutions, innovate, and conduct trade studies to overcome barriers to early commercialization.
Validation 2 Thorough solution validation - via computer modeling and laboratory experiments. Successful proof-of-concept demonstrations provide the basis for prototype development.
Prototyping 3 Realization of planned product attributes - achieved by engaging product development and manufacturing engineers in collaboration with prospective users in prototype development and testing.
Commercialization 4 Product features tuned to meet market needs - we commercialize directly, or via joint ventures, spin-offs, technology transfers, or patent licensing.  We often engage commercialization partners in all technology phases, starting from Concept Development. 

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Recent Breakthroughs -Powering Broad new Capabilities for the US Military

In August 2013, Aqwest successfully demonstrated its breakthrough laser amplifier developed for US Army – a critical subsystem for a laser weapon that will remotely disable electronics and immobilize vehicles.  The Aqwest laser subsystem offers unprecedented combination of pulse energy and average power in a compact and lightweight package transportable by a fighting vehicle.

Target Impact
Plasma channel conveys a "killer" electric discharge to the target
Aqwest Amplifier
Aqwest amplifier boosts laser energy to ignite a plasma channel
Laser in Action
Amplifier module fires to produce laser energy