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Composite Laser Gain Medium











Composites are formed by co-sintering (in ceramics) of fusing (in glass)

No adhesives or bonding are used

Far more economical and much stronger than conventional bonding

Integral absorber for amplified spontaneous emission (ASE)

Integral undoped sections

Available host materials:

  • Ceramic yittrium aluminum garnet (C-YAG)
  • Ceramic yittria (C-Y2O3) host
  • Phosphate glass host

Dopants: Nd3+, Yb3+, Er3+, Tm, Sm2+, Cr4+, and other

Triple composite available (e.g, laser ion-doped + ASE absorber-doped + undoped)

Sizes up to 15 cm


Active Heat Sinks and Heat Spreaders for High-Flux Handling







Self-contained package suitable for miniaturization

Up to 1 kW/cm2 heat flux

Up to kW-range heat load

Substrate is solderable and it can be CTE matched to Si and GaAs

Thermal resistance as low as 0.1 degC/W

Electronic temperature control

Can be made radiation hard and space qualifiable


Microchannel Heat Exchangers for High-Power Optics







Interface to heat load up to several inches in size

Single crystal silicon substrate for high thermal conductivity

Low CTE comparable to semiconductors and laser crystals

Interface can be machined to optical figure and HR coated

Handle high heat flux (100 W/cm2 typical)

Interface isothermal to < 1 degree C

Ultra-low distortion (1/20th wave typical)

Open or closed water-cooled microchannels